At field level

Shri Jagdamba Samiti has almost the same type of problems, which normally other developmental organizations have. The major challenge faced by the field staff of Sri Jagdamba Samiti is to bring people on one platform for utilizing the locally available resources for fulfilling their common needs. Lack of motivation among people for group enterprise and unawareness about knowledge and exploitation of resources, play the main role in coming people together. Though political awareness puts a different picture where people seems to fight and work together for getting the common benefits. 
In rural sector it is easier to organize people together, by bringing the political issues then the urban sector. The field staff of Sri Jagdamba Samiti is making an effort to mold this attitude of the people towards the social and economic aspects of coming together.

At organizational level

The organization has many challenges to bring its mission into reality. Professional human resources both at tl1efieldand at the managerial level are the main challenges. The other major challenge faced by the organization is financial capacity, as it creates barrier to commit anything for the demonstration purposes as well as for the training and awareness generation for any of the developmental issues. Still an effort is bring tried to achieve the mission of the organization by establishing the training center with the name given “Sri Lok Samradhi Sewa Dham”. Sri Jagdamba Samiti expect that it would be able to strengthen the capacity of the staff of the organization, also it would serve the local people by providing them training for the locally available resources management, marketing technique.

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