Joint Forest Management

This program has also got the support from the World bank. The main theme of this program is to promote and preserve forests with the help of the local community members also to motivate them to come up as a volunteers for maintenance of the infrastructure that is related to the forest resources. The operational area of this program is Tehri Dam Div-II in various villages of Uttarkashi and Tehri Garhwal.

So far the following work has been accomplished in order to achieve the mentioned objectives:

  • 34 village forest committees have been formed in different villages of Tholdhar, Chamba, Chinyalisaur, Dunda and Bhatwari blocks of Tehri and Uttarkashi districts.
  • Awareness Programs are being continued by the motivators.


  • To form village forest committees (VFC) in order to develop the feeling of ownership among the villagers to save and promote forests.
  • To organize trainings for the VFC members for the maintenance of forest resource infrastructures
  • To motivate the villagers to come forward as the volunteers for saving and the maintaining the infrastructures related to the forest resource.