(A) At the field level In last ten years

Organization has raised the awareness for resource management which resulted in the group formation atShri Jagdamba Samit achievment village level for agriculture, land use and technology dissemination, water resources management (drinking water and sanitation and water miller group for up gradation  of water millers for the purpose of grinding grains, de-husking, and electricity generation). Horticulture (fruit processing, nursery raising and vegetable cultivation).

The groups formed as above made their micro plans for better use of resources at village level, implemented these successfully and at present managing them by proper operation and management. 

(B) At the organizational level 

Organization has established two project offices at Dehradun and Ghansali with a central administrative office which forms a core team of policy analysis and resource advocacy. The core .team includes deployed scientist, economists, social workers, environmental specialist” technicians and management experts for getting the real development through public oriented policies, with public participation by creating public awareness for real developments. 

Shri Jagdamba Samiti Comparison Details

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1. The main support organization has from its village based partners, like farmers’ group, women groups, and children’s group.

2. Skilled and experienced team participatory management, micro planning & technology extension. | 1. The main threat of that organization faces is the dependency on projects for financial requirements.

2. Community expectation of subsides schemes. ;;



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1. Lack of infrastructure like building, vehicle etc.

2. Low projects capacity for skilled and experienced staff. | 1. Information of knowledge based programme under ‘fees for services’ models.

2. To become a resource organization for rural development through participatory planning and technologies.

3. Sustenance through a service provider agency. ;;