Shri Jagdamba Samiti was selected for SWAJAL project in the end of 1997 to implement the forth batch ofSwajal Priyojana in Uttarakhand the project. This is a collaborative effort of Govt. of Utter Pradesh/ Uttaranchal and World Bank to facilitate drinking water and sanitation systems in the rural areas.

So far the following achievements have been reached out against the mentioned objectives:

  • Construction. of 100 toilets (personal) in different villages of Tehri district..
  • Construction of nine drinking water supply systems.
  • Formation of nine village water and sanitation committee.
  • Formation of nine women groups named Swajal Saheli Samooh.
  • Awareness programs operation and maintenance of drinking water and sanitation infrastructure are being organized time to time.

Village Maletha has been voted and selected as the best village among the nine villages, where SWAJAL activities are being, implemented. Each family in this village deposits monthly contribution to maintain the village water supply system after the project period is over, and Shri Jagdamba Samiti has called back its field worker from the village. The SWAJAL Saheli Samooh still has its popularity among the women in the village. There is a very strong support from the villagers especially from the women groups as they feel this is the sign of modern life and advancement in current perspective. This, village may become a motivating force for other villages in future.


  • To construct drinking water supply systems and sanitation system in the villages of Bhilangana block of Tehri Garhwal.
  • To motivate community to construct the personal toilets.
  • Formations of women self- help groups.
  • Participation, construction and maintenance, and financial contribution from the villagers