Water Harvesting Tank Projects

Project Proposal For


                       SECURITY IN BHILANGANA BLOCK OF

Submitted To:
Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology
(CAPART) Lucknow

Submitted by:
Shri Jagdamba Samiti
1, Vinod Market, Dehradun Road Rishikesh

Format for ART(S) Project Profile
1. Title of the project:-

Integrated Application of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Tank and Vegetable Cultivation in Kitchen Gardens for Nutrition Security in Bhilangana Block of Tehri Garhwal District in Uttarakhand.

2. Project synopsis (A brief description of the technology and also indicating the past attempts if any, by the governmental and non-governmental agencies for spreading the proposed technology in the target area)
This project aims to establish roof-top rainwater Harvesting Technology for integrated application especially in development of kitchen garden for nutritional security in 5 villages of Bhilangana Valley of Bhilangana Block in Tehri District (Uttarakhand). It is a simple and low cost technology of roof rainwater harvesting through Ferrocement tanks. Although the land of the area is very fertile for cultivation of vegetable but due to water scarcity in the area, people could not cultivate vegetable for their own use as well as commercial purpose so their income could also be increased.

The Organization has already conducted a detailed baseline survey of this area in this regards and after analyzing the data it has been revealed that water scarcity is a major problem there and the people of that area are mostly facing this problem. The VO has also selected the beneficiaries during baseline survey.

The rainfall detail in proposed area for the year 2005 and 2006 is given as under.

S.No Particulars
1 Organization Profile in CAPART format
2 Project Proposal (In two copies)
3 Project Detail ( In two copies)
4 Cost Sheet of One Roof RWH system and it’s use for vegetable production in kitchen
5 Sketch of Roof RWH system
6 List of Beneficiaries
7 Bio-data of Principal Investigator, co-Investigator, Chief functionary
8 Organization Registration certificate
9 Organization Memorandum /By-laws
10 Annual Audited Balance Sheet
11 Annual Progress report
12 Photo copy of Bank Pass book
13 Photo copy of PAN No.
Month 2005 2006
January 39.4 41.56
February 55.12 54.50
March 16.0 18.30
April 4.4 14.5
May 17.2 24.3
June 54.7 45.3
July 452.6 388.4
August 93.2 145.5
September 314.45 403.23
October 0.04 21.3
November 0.00 1.36
December 1.20 Yet to be recorded

But most of the water is a wastage due to lack of proper water management and appropriate water harvesting technology. However, Rainwater harvesting may be a milestone for fulfillment of the requirement of water demand in the area. Moreover the wastage of rainwater can be properly managed and utilized in daily household purpose and backyard farming. Therefore it is the need of the area to harvest the Roof Rainwater through simple & tested techniques, awareness and training of local community about its uses in backyard farming especially for vegetable cultivation. The project will be implemented in following villages-

Dhargaon, Bhelunta, Paijinga, Bhatgaon and Jandoli villages in Bhilangana valley of Bhilangana Block of Tehri District, Uttarakhand.

3. Objectives of the project:-

The objectives of the project on the basis of study of selected area are given below-

1. To generate awareness about Rainwater harvesting & water conservation among the villagers through Ferro cement tanks and developing kitchen gardens.

2. To impart training on low cost Roof Rainwater harvesting technique through construction of Ferro cement tanks as well as cultivation of vegetables for nutritional security.

3. To train the beneficiary families about the maintenance, repair and operation of the RWH system and its utilization for household and backyard farming purpose.

4. To monitor the usage of the system and assess user feedback towards improvements or modifications.

5. To motivate other families of the area to adopt the RWH system either in the form of the installed ones under the project or in other forms that are more suitable to their needs.

6. To generate income of masons and other construction workers involved in construction of Ferro cement tanks and beneficiaries through backyard farming.

7. To fulfill the demand of water requirements during water scarcity period especially during the summers.

4. Proposed activities and methodology:-

The following activities may be suggested-

1. Awareness generation among selected beneficiaries on rainwater harvesting and backyard farming.

2. Sensitization of the identified beneficiaries.

3. Field training to the beneficiaries on backyard farming.

4. Construction of RWH system.

5. Training the beneficiaries and masons on construction and management of rain water harvesting through Ferro cement tanks.

6. Monitoring, evaluating and report making.


Normal Awareness generation about RWH through Ferro cement tanks and backyard farming that will be conducted among the beneficiaries of the project area and they will be sensitized for the use of rainwater harvesting in their daily use and its benefits for backyard vegetable production. Field training will also be given to the masons and beneficiaries so that the tanks could be constructed and utilized as per required techniques. Besides it vegetable cultivation will also be promoted. The core team of organization, comprising of one project co-coordinator, one Technical assistant and a Trainer who should seek and obtain training in Ferro cement technology and rainwater harvesting as well as in the field of vegetable cultivation with the appropriate resource groups/agencies. The trained core team will impart training to the selected beneficiaries and masons. The Organization should ensure that the masons are not only trained to construct water storage tanks but are also exposed to other applications of Ferro-cement technology. So that the same skills and knowledge may be utilized in different ways for income generation by the masons and other construction workers.

The trained masons will construct and install the collection system and tanks at the identified sites. The organization will provide training to the beneficiaries, local masons and other construction workers regarding maintenance, repair, cleaning and appropriate use of rain water. The organization will also monitor and provide back-up services to the beneficiaries apart from motivating other villagers to adapt the technology. Needless to say, the installation of systems, in selected villages and households should be done phase wise so that experience of earlier installations may be used to tackle the problems to improve the installations.

5. Status of the proposed technology i.e., whether prototype stage, field tested or commercialized (Kindly enclose diagrams/ photographs of the proposed technology).

The Proposed technology is well tested in field level and has been found to be suitable for proposed area.

Enclosed diagram of proposed technology.

6. With respect to the technology proposed, projects executed and technically trained manpower available.

For proper execution of the project, trained manpower is available.
Resource Person (RWH system) – 01
Technical Assistant (J.E) – 01

7. Name, designation and address of the principal investigator and Co-investigator (brief bio-data to be enclosed).

Principal Investigator – Mr. Vishnu Painuli
Designation – Project Coordinator
Address – Shri Jagdamba Samiti
1, Vinod Market, Dehradun Road, Rishikesh.

Technical Assistant – Mr. Surandar Bhandari
Designation – S. Eng.
Address – Shri Jagdamba Samiti
1, Vinod Market, Dehradun Road, Rishikesh.

Trainer – Mr. Mayank Sagar
Designation – Technical Trainer BSc. (Ag.)
Address – Shri Jagdamba Samiti
1, Vinod Market, Dehradun Road, Rishikesh.

8. Name of the institution at which the project will be carried out and the list of target villages.

List of Target Villages

S.No Village Name Block District
1 Dhargaon, Bhilangana Tehri
2 Bhelunta, Bhilangana Tehri
3 Bajinga, Bhilangana Tehri
4 Bhatgaon Bhilangana Tehri
5 Jandoli Bhilangana Tehri

9. Name (s) of other institutions(s) involved in the project.- N.A.

10. Duration, with clearly specified time schedule for each for the project activities.

The project will be completed within one year.

About RWH system and backyard farming.

11. Area of Operation:

State : Uttarakhand
District : Tehri
Block : Bhilangana
Police Station : Dhopardhar
Panchayat : Bhatgaon
Villages : Dhargaon, Bhelunta, Paijinga, Bhatgaon and Jandoli

12. Details of Beneficiaries: The list of Beneficiaries is attached and beneficiaries may be change as per circumstances. Annexure- I

13. Benefits Expected: water scarcity problem which have been facing by the beneficiaries presently, will be short out through this project who are selected under this project. Besides this the beneficiaries will be able to balance to their diet intake to combat malnutrition and unemployment problem through backyard farming.

14. Cost benefit Analysis-

Per beneficiary fix cost (Construction) : Rs. 16,165.40
Per beneficiary per year operating cost : Rs. 1000.00
Time saving in fetching the water : 300 hrs/ anum (approx)
Cost of saved Time :  Rs. 2400/- (as per minimum wages) 
Saving from Vegetable production : Rs. 10000/- per anum (approx 1000 kg. P.a. production)
Net Benefit Per Annum : 2400+10000= 12400 per annum

15. Staff requirements, if any
(Brief justification to be appended)

Name of Post No. of Post


Project co-coordinator 01 Monthly (Rs.) Yearly (Rs.)
Technical Assistant (J.E.) Part time 01 5,000 60,000
Trainer – 1 01 3,000 36,000
Trainer – 2 01 4,000 48,000
Total 01 1,44,000

16. Abstract of budget-

S.No CAPART’s Assistance Beneficiaries’ contribution Total (Rs.)
1 Salaries 1,44,000.00  – 144,000.00
2 Materials & Supplies Rs. 13,500 x 125 tanks 15,62,500.00 1,25,000.00 16,87,500.00
3 Consumables (seeds and inputs and land development) 62,500.00 62,500.00 1,25,000.00
4 Travel (TA/DA)  12,000.00 12,000.00
5 Contingencies 10,000.00 10,000.00
6 Others
(i) Awareness
(ii) Training on rainwater harvesting and kitchen garden
(iii) Administration

Total  19,58,175.00 1,87,500.00 21,45,675.00

Total Cost Of Project – Rs. 21,45,675.00
Capart Assistance – Rs. 19,58,175.00
Beneficiaries’ Contribution – Rs. 1,87,500.00


Total assistance required from CAPART is of Rs. 19,58,175.00 (Nineteen Lac Fifty Eight Thousand and One Hundred Seventy Five Only.

Countersigned by Member of Signature and seal of the
Executive Body Authorized Signatory





Costs:- For the construction of one rainwater harvesting unit comprising a Ferro cement tank of 3000 liters capacity, collection channels, pipes etc. The following expenditure is estimated based on average prices obtaining in last two year back. Prices may vary with time and according to distance of the area from the roadside.


S.No Item Qty. Rate (Rs.) Total  (Rs.)
1 Portland cement 10 bags 260.00 2600.00
2 Chemical admixture Pore sealing compoundPlasticiser 4 Kg2 Kg 120.0080.00 480.00160.00
3 Sieved coarse sand 20 bags 30.00 600.00
4 Aggregate (100 mm) 4 bags 50.00 200.00
5 MS rods 6 mm dia 30 Kg 26.00 780.00
6 GI wire 4.5 mm dia 20 Kg
Dehradun Uttarakhand Rain Water Harvesting Diagram_4